Felicidad de por Vida - Lifetime Happiness

This work is about a blessing, an embrace of life within life.  It is my story and the purpose I feel growing inside me. This precious creation molds me daily. I am a woman. I am blooming. I am my family. I am L O V E.

Choreographer / Director
Veronica A. Quintero

Tatiana A. Quintero
Isabela Jolee Viteri
Jayda Aleya Lima

Other Collaborators
Jayda Aleya Lima & Dancers
Shayla-Vie Jenkins 

Music / Sound Credits
Falling Like The Stars by James Arthur
Bruises by Lewis Capaldi
Way Down We Go (Instrumental) by Kaleo
Spring Birds Chirping sound effect by Videoplasty
Light Breeze Wind Sound by Dylan John

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