“I thought for so long that time was like a line... That our moments were laid out like dominoes and that they... fell one into another and on it went, just days tipping, one into the next, in a long line between the beginning... and the end. But I was wrong. It's not like that at all. Our moments fall around us like rain. Or snow. Or confetti.” - Eleanor “Nell” Crain

Performed by
Ace Wells
Alexis Curiel
Alexis Vautrin
Azari Ford
Coralyn Jones
Destiny Toussaint
Genesis Castaneda
Imani Wilson
Jennifer Rivera
Katie Rose
Kiara Lopez
Marin Ito
Melanie Castro
Monica Hill
Tayah Owens
Trina Edwards
Trey Singletary

Production Assistant
Chanel Howard

Director + Editor
Thom White

Thom White
in collaboration with dancers

Music / Sound
Posthumous Forgiveness
Lost In Yesterday
Breathe Deeper

by Tame Impala