the wives are turning into animals

lauren fader

Choreography - Performance - Collaboration
lauren fader and kira shiina

lauren fader and t saiz

Music Credits
Ave Maria by Franz Schubert
Losing My Religion by R.E.M.

Project Statement
this is a film centered around themes of femininity - especially the objectification of female-identifying, queer, BIPOC bodies in public spaces and the masking of identity. i envision creating an open dialogue around social power and rank while understanding how these encounters and experiences are affecting marginalized bodies. I hope to reach all demographics with this work as we strive towards a more compassionate future.

this is about me
which is also about you
and you and you
you cannot see me
tread wisely

when he could walk away without looking back
was when i lit on fire

the tree once sprouted with leaves that danced with the breeze
now is made of steel

oh to be the moon
listening to a cat play the violin
lips pursed, listening in
this is what i’m supposed to be

it looks different outside
maybe a dark room
the husbands grow uneasy at night
the wives are turning into animals

she cannot see you, only your
shadow - i am veiled

this is for me and sometimes for you
the wives are turning into animals
and they are tired