Choreography and Production
Lamar D. Rogers

In collaboration with
Aliyah Clay
Imani Jenkins
Allyia Nelloms
Javares Selby
Trey Singletary

Video Editing
Ben Papa & Lamar Rogers

Music Credits
The Solo & Chapter 10 by Michael Wall

Project Statement 
in·un·da·tion is a collaborative video project that brings forth a conversation between our society's ability to conceal the existence of minority affliction and the way marginalized groups endure, wrestle with and overcome strife. Highlighting the performers specific and diverse locations, and using choreography as a medium, the work retells stories and testimonies that share our connected realities through performance. Being displaced, suffering loss and dealing with adversity due to a global pandemic, the work presents an elaboration and transformation of specific environments by unveiling the dualities of nature; and showing its potential to embody both utopic and dystopic qualities.  Inundation is defined as an overflow of water or a tidal flooding of water overground. The work itself has no direct reference to water or causing something to be inundated, but it does share with it a specific perception of a disastrous occurrence that results in destitute matters. How does the media and other social constructs create confusion surrounding the image of marginalized people and their ability to feel and experience pain? What helps us cope within these spaces during catastrophic events? Emphasizing the performers specific idiosyncrasies to show how we are all more alike than we are separate, this project gives audiences a deeper understanding of our shared humanity.

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