To Validate an Experience

This work is a validation of an experience that changed our (my cast and I) lives. Ideally it felt as if it was for the worst thing that could happen in our lives, but in the end we changed the narrative. We overcame and turned this into a positive moment. It is more than a moment. The three chapters: denial, acceptance and letting go represent different periods we went through during this experience. We are still growing and getting through it now which is the validation. We, my cast and I, aren’t alone but we are more than brave enough to share something that touched our lives and left us breathless.

Choreographer / Director
Shaurice McCaster

Video Editing
Shaurice McCaster

Kayla Kurns
Amari Frazier

Poems Written By
Shaurice McCaster

Poems read by
Shaurice McCaster
Garey Miller

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