Yanitè Borikéyane

The tradition of forming a Batéy in Bomba is one that should be done with liveness, with bodies, with physical energy manifesting. In a viral context where we’re left with not many options for congregation, this is my iteration, my attempt to form my own batéy with help from the drum; a way to call forth the energies needed to designate the space for veneration; for practice. This variation on tradition not only serves as a Batéy; but as an intentional space created for the negotiation of the various archival elements stored in this vessel.  This is a mere iteration, keep in mind, and that’s the beauty. Liveness can never be contained to one form. One iteration. It is volatile, enigmatic, ethereal, liberated. Y que Así sea.

Choreographer / Facilitator
Marcel Santiago Marcelino; and them 

Zona de Bomba
Desde Cero
Live music accompaniment from Jorge Santiago Arce y Gabriel Santiago Marcelino

Design / Direction
Marcel Santiago Marcelino

Marcel Santiago Marcelino
Gabriel Santiago Marcelino
Jorge Santiago Arce
y la sosyetè 

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