Discotheque, the end performance of a four month spiritual evolution, manifests the power of words and transformation through the lens of escapism. This performance was fueled by the idea of higher-self guidance, which I’ve learned is only inner-self guidance. Idealizing your “higher” self is a useful tool to flow into transformation, but creates an obstacle where we’re constantly reaching for something beyond ourselves. What if we escaped to a reality where we already achieved everything we ever wanted? To begin from this place and to live in the end, you realize what you’ve been all along: the ruler and the dream.


Choreographer / Director 
Lauren Marsaglia

Music / Sound Credits
The Pure and the Damned - Iggy Pop
Sunny - Bonney M. 

Design Credits
Lauren Marsaglia

Dancers / Participants / Performers
Angelica Nieves-Merced
Lillia Cardosi
Olivia Best
Donyae Reeves

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