One word... Imprisonment

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Toxic Pressure

Breaking vs Building (The Balance)

Silence! The Power of Women's Silence

What is love? How do you love? How do you show love? How can we trust when that trust has already been broken? You might be bound or imprisoned by your past, a traumatic situation, your fears, your emotions or your physical circumstances. These pressures can transform your love into darkness, and transform you into a person you are not. You find yourself battling to resist being consumed by toxic pressure.

Director / Choreographer
Jocinda Johnson

Creative Team
Jocinda Johnson
Matthew Johnson
Claudia Johnson
Victoria Johnson

Jakirah Davis
Tia Mellerson
Dennette Bennette
Natori Blackman
Trey Singletary
Nathan McNatt
Kai Supreme

Writing on the Wall by Sam Smith
This is a Man’s World by James Brown
Pray by Sam Smith ft. Logic
The Bigger Picture by Lil Baby
Know My Rights by 6Lack ft. Lil Baby

Kai Supreme

Kai Supreme
Jocinda Johnson