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a sonic/visual movement video that questions the self and body as a consumer, questions the multidimensional, ever transitional being in relation to sound, nature, and cycles; intertwined in the process of internal and external. This work explores overstimulation, the inner child, body cadence, rhythm echo, reassembling cognition, intuition, presence ...////`````

Creator/ Movement Facilitator/ Choreographer
Ella Brockway

Film Director
Ella Bess

Project Editor
Ella Bess

Collaborators / Choreographers / Dancers / Performers 
imani butler.  Cheyenne Frank.  CoCo Luna.  Emma Olivier.   rachel orji.  lena solomon. 

Music / Sound Credits 
TINCAN – Idontcareaboutmixinglol by fuzzy… / ፨҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉፨ - 02. exp by gradiol  /  gated pt. 1  by GRADIOL x AERATE  / copy  by GRADIOL x AERATE  /   ፨҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉፨ - 05. tell v2   by gradiol  /  T3- 01   by gradiol- remixed by ebbess  /  ፨҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉፨ - 04. tell by gradiol   /   noumenøn by ÆSK   /  3-30-21 mix by Knxwledge  /  sunrise by gradiol- remixed by ebbess

Design Credits
Ella Bess

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