This dance film is an exploration of life focusing on the violence against the self. I am
working with violence through the lens of depression, anxiety, and blank space that exists
inside the mind. The teetering point between happiness and destruction, that through
violence there is self-discovery. This is an experience to cultivate a healing through empathic and vernacular practice of movement.

Auset Tamona Fullard

Ira Cambric
Jazmine Bailey
Aubrey Luttrell

Lighting Design
Justin Christopher Productions

Suz Pisano with Sparkle Studio

Niara A. Fullard

Music/Sound Credits
In Her Name & The Sea Rain by Ezio Bosso
vocals by Halle Berry

Musical Engineer
Jazmine Bailey

Other Collaborators
The Bill Nunn Black Box at Alumni Theater Company
Sankofa Village for the Arts
Level Up Studios

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