A memoir
of Emergence

Waves are present in all forms of life. The lines blur constantly falling into one another.

Mixing and intermingling.

Ever changing, charging. But are we?

Peoples coming together present individualized energies that friction rub against one another, undertone by emotion.

How do these transparent feelings touch us so physically if not through waves?

Waves control the tide.

They become the e(motion) inside.

Waves can become something like a dream.


Thinking of waves as affect.

Affecting time and space.

These waves are never the same size.

It’s never in a rhythmic pattern.

It's unpredictable.

It’s a constant movement but not knowing the distance it can take you.

Follow through the wave.

Let it guide you no matter how scary it is.

Allowing the crashing of the waves to pull me towards this mysterious paradise.

Clay figures that can’t be washed away, protected by a layer of vitality.

This silky ever transforming substance carrying an eternity underneath.

An entire maze underneath the calm, where does it go?

The waves bring residue of the untold stories to us, forcing curiosity to encompass every thought.

Listening to the waves.

Hearing them.

I will come to you.

If you won’t come to me.

Tommie-Waheed Evans in collaboration with the artists

Film Design 
James McGinn

Sound Design
Antonio Wright

Costume Styling
Martha Chamberlain

Robert Burden
Natalie Devlin
Trina Edwards
Auset Fullard
Rae Holtzman
Noah Lewis
Javeres Selby
Brealyn Vazquez
Madelyn Wansong

Nadia Young