Catch Your Breath  


Project Statement

Catch your Breath began from the stepping-stones and memories of the original work by the same name, created and performed in 2016. Then and now, Catch your Breath is a space where you come as you are and can connect through a collective hymn of bodies, minds, and souls. An ode to past, future, and present selves, the project is patient and tender, so please hold it gently in your hands.

Below, you will find poetry, audio, video, and dance made collaboratively. This work is a river that curves around the rocks and branches that obstruct the possibility of smoothness, yet still it flows, unstoppable. It’s brackish water, a mix of it all that somehow still sustains life. And that life is flourishing. We never stop flowing in this river. We thrash, we get pulled under, and we ride the current of others and the world, while also making our own waves.

Choreographer / Director / Facilitator

Katie Swords Thurman

Music + Sound Credits

March by Keaton Henson
Set The Table by Matthew Jamal
Sound by song aziza tucker
An original poem “A love within me” by Reese
Year of the Dragon by Sufjan Stevens
Dream City by Teen Daze 

Dancers / Participants / Performers

Taylor Brown
kaijo caggins
Miranda Capparelli
Melanie Castro
Zoey Crenshaw
Kayla Grudi
Brianna Gutierrez
Shaurice Reese McCaster
Olivia Oskarsson
Louis Pearson
Chachi Perez
Kate Porter
Vero Quintero
Trey Singletary
Teagan Smith
song aziza tucker

Other Collaborators and special thanks

Teagan’s dad for turning on the lights and KST for editing her music.

Thank you so much robert burden for my main videographer and for always bringing sweetness and honoration to what he captures.

My day one videographer, Kelly Grudi.

Thanks to my sibling zachary. you capture the magic.

Thank you Anne Irving, for filming even though your hands went numb

Thank you Sam for waking up at 6am just to catch the sunrise at the beach with me and record.

Thank you Gen for always being there to lend a hand and some words that fuel creativity.

Thank you Jarell for allowing me to see my true self at times I was blind.

Thank you Massi for recording me in the snow and freezing your g ...