Here                               and                             Somewhere;           A                      Compass

Director / Facilitator
Annie Rigney

No Drums by Tim Hecker
#3 by Aphex Twin

Performers / Creators
Luisa Lynch
Lillian McGonigle
Tania Saiz Perez
Parker Wagar
Kiara Haywood
Maria Jacoby
Claire Mork
Jennifer Rivera
Emma Ducote
Madeline Honnegger
Miah Lapeyrolerie
Ada Fujita
Haley Knieriem
Grace Malone
Kara Canella
Kiara Lopez
Amanda Shell

Project Statement
Research and play on a theme of orientation, location, and how and where we find or lose ourselves. This project lies somewhere at the intersection of movement and poetry. It asks the questions, "how do we infuse movement with meaning?" and "how does language dance and invoke dance in the body?" Inspired by Rebecca Solnit's "Field Guide to Getting Lost." Rebecca asks us to consider "a language and behind it a cultural imagination in which the self only exists in reference to the rest of the world, no you without mountains, without sun, without Wintu, it's the world that's stable, yourself that's contingent, that's nothing apart from it's surroundings."

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Here                              and                           
               Somewhere;           A