Dysfunctional Eloquence

This project is a culmination of emotions and thoughts that live in my brain. The work explores, the meaning of beauty and fierceness? in the context of everyday life. How do the clothes we wear or the way we walk project ourselves to the world. Dysfunctional Eloquence blends those concepts to find the truest form of what makes each performer feel their most authentic self, while also serving STUNNING!

Choreographer / Director
Pedro Suarez

Emily Wexler

Music / Sound Credits
All Things by Betty Who
Yumeji's Theme by Shigeru Umebayashi, Lady Gaga
Booty 3000 by Dizzy Fae (Content Warning Explicit Language)

Design Credits
Pedro Suarez & Performers

Dancers / Participants / Performers
Amanda Boyer
Miranda Capparelli
Liz Leski
Raquel Rodriquez

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