Higher Self. Youngerself. Shadowself. DESIROUS seeks to find the coexistence of these energies, where there is no call for transition, but a unified state of being. We have amplified the emotions, the ego, the trauma and the honor of our life experiences, channeling the presence of who we already are, who we've reimagined ourselves to be, who we are stepping into.

Content Notice:
This work contains explicit language.

Dancers / Participants / Performers
Malisha St John
Fernando Huerta
Helen Maldonado
Tatyana Rambert
Astrid Rosario
Serenity Taylor
Melanie Castro

Choreography by
Melanie Castro in collaboration with dancers

Director / Editor
Melanie Castro

Videography by
Heights Finest (Danilo Concepcion & Sergio Tavarez)

Music / Sound Credits
Alone by 6lack
Gossip Folks by Missy Elliot
Man In The Mirror by J2 FT. Cameron the Public
On Top by Branko ft. The Ruffest, Capadose, Zanilliya

Design credits
STUDIO @ The door 555 broome st NY New York

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