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Sat 10.17 and Sun 10.18

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(cyphers take place in Philadelphia, Bermuda, Massachusetts,
and New Jersey)

Participants : :

Dominick Brown, child of Erin and Dominick Brown, grandchild of Sidney Brown, Connie Saunkeah, Sharron McMurry, T.C Brown and great grandchild of Clara Mcpherson

Madison Brown, child of Lori and Patrick Brown grandchild of Gloria and Robert Gaudi and Robert Brown Great grandchild of Anna Joe Newingham

Genesis Castaneda, child of Idania Rodriguez and Juan F. Castaneda, grandchild of Leticia Diaz and Raul Rodriguez.. Great grandchild of Idelisa Lopez, and Raul Rodriguez, Ramona Barranco and Rufino Diaz. great-great grandchild of Regina Rodriguez.

Katie Rose Davis, child of Karen Schneider-Davis (Drahovsky) and Warren Davis (Verdino), grandchild of Rosemarie/Baba Dryahovsky and Ida Verdino and Bill Schneider and Arthur Davis

Natalie Devlin, child of Robert Devlin and Tonya Sonsini, grandchild of Connie Campbell & Marshall Campbell, Joyce Breier & James Paul Devlin, Great-grandchild of Rosella Bronder & Joseph Breier, Marie Reice & John Devlin

Monica Hill, child of Maria Cuellar & Leroy Hill Jr., grandchild of Peggy Martin /Leroy Hill & Filomena & Rafael

Lilly McGonigle, Child of Peggy & Mark McGonigle, grandchild of Patty McCarty and Albert deZutter and Bill McGonigle and Joan Wagner, Great grandchild of Florence McGonigle

Jasiri Minors, child of Shamika & Vincent 3, grandchild of Beverley & Ralph and Waverley and Vincent Minors 2, great grandchild of Florence & Bobby, and Vincent Minors 1
Gabby Moore, child of Gladys and Kenneth Moore, grandchild of Billie Ray and Betty Ruth Bouldin, great grandchild of “Big Mama”

Kati Payne, child of Susan and John, God-child of Bill and Debbie, grandchild of Melanie, Henry, Bernadine, Buddy, Marshall + Patricia, great-grandchild of Wiktorya and those who immigrated with her from Poland.

Chachi Perez, child of Aylin and David Perez, grandchild of Dania and Bernardo Oramas and the grandchild of Xiomara and Vladimir Perez, great grandchild of Ada and Rodrigo Rodriguez along with the great grandchild of Sonia and Juan Carlo Oramas, great great grandchild of Carlos Perez and Abuela Chelo

Tania Saiz Perez, child of Silvia and José Manuel, grandchild of Aydee and Celso and Martha Alicia and Juan Jose, great-grandchild of Josefa and Manuel  and Rosa and Manuel

November Ward child of Carmen & Keith, grandchild of Charlestte and Johnny, great grandchild of Lois and Charles

Kani Wilson child of kanethia pruitt and antwione wilson. granddaughter of betty pruitt and charles bean. Great granddaughter of Anna jones. Great Great GrandDaughter of Heneratta Green. Great granddaughter of James Beene Sr. Granddaughter of Jackie Wilson, Great Granddaughter of Thelma Wilson

Tia Mellerson, daughter of Tanya and Robert, grand-daughter of Connie and Thomas and Barbara and Robert sir, great- grand daughter of “Mama” and RB and Mama Lucy and granddaddy Walk

Marguerite Hemmings, child of Marjorie and Harold, grandchild of Ethel and Arthur and Doc and Evelyn