p/otted points of functiona/ity

This work challenges the social constructs that current participating members of society have to observe and obey in order to be accepted and considered successful. By calling these absurdities into space, we want to provoke the viewer to recognize the unnecessary scrutiny and shame for not staying within the confines of social acceptability. My cast and I are leaning into the abnormalities and taboos in a world of normalcy- maybe the changing of society starts by making choices to reject harmful structures we have been born into.

Choreographer / Director
Liz Leski

Dancers / Collaborators
Shoshana Isaacs
Soul Lee
Raquel Rodriguez
Ella Brockway
Avery McGhee
Racherl Orji

Music / Sound Credits
Original cast voice recordings
God by Jiin feat. Daniel Caesar
Fell Thru by Jiin
all edited and arranged by Liz Leski

Design Credits
Anastacia’s Antiques
Liz Leski

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