Choreographer / Director
Leslie Bunkley

Dancers / Collaborators
Jada Bartley
Marionia Jones
Lanae Watson

Music / Sound Credits 
Near Light by Olafur Arnalds
Doomed by Moses Sumney
This Bitter Earth by Dinah Washington & Max Ritcher
Satan We're Going to Tear Your Kingdom Down by Shirley Caesar
String Quartet No.5 by Ezzio Bosso

Poem / Text Credits
Hey Black Child by Countee Cullins

Design Credits
Leslie Bunkley

Childhood meets adulthood. Passing down. Passing up. The world is bitter, you have to know how to handle it. You have to be ready. Nothing will prepare you for the world, but the world. Don’t let your life be like the dust. What good are you? Heaven only knows, but you can try to find out. Are you willing to take risks? What gives you permission? What makes you the best you? How do all the qualities make you the best you? How can you communicate that level of confidence to others? You are powerful. You are strong. You are healed. You can do this. You are a woman. You are blessed. You are you.

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