The Primus Project

Pearl Primus

Kim Bears-Bailey

Rehearsal Assistant
Arabia Richardson

Kim Bears-Bailey

(N.S.R. Original Costume by Pearl Primus worn by Nadia Young)

Music + Sound Credits
African Drums & Soukouss
African Djembe Drums
Hard Times Blues • Josh White
Spoken Word Prologue • Arabia Richardson
The Negro Speaks of Rivers • Pearl Primus
Strange Fruit • Alexis Curiel

Performers / Legacy Holders
Leslie Bunkley
Sage Claudio 

Kymora Corker
Alexis Curiel

Khamari Louissaint
Nathan McNatt

Jasiri Minors
Louis Pearson

Veronica Quintero
Jennifer Rivera

Silka Salih El Bey
Caylah Tater

sav vawter
Madelyn Wansong

Theresse Weigand-Watkinson
Nadia Young