A Love Letter to Rest

Centering rest and slowing down, on a personal, collective and global level. Response to the grind and how it wears people and our planet down. Exploring how we can resist, make space for living, rest, joy, pleasure, grief, healing. How can we afford rest as the basic need it is?

Choreographer / Director / Facilitator 
Katie Rose Davis

Thesis Mentor
Marguerite Hemmings

Maurice Baynard
Jonathan Schorsch (and the Green Sabbath Project)
Monica Hill
Westley Young
Kaley Arnof
Devon Harrison
Karen Davis

My biggest thank you to my mom, who is my biggest creative collaborator and pushes me to be a better artist every day.

Dreaming Bodies participants
Lilly McGonigle
Banaias Cason
Caylah Tater
Kyle Nelson
Kaley Arnof
Sam Golub
Natalie Davis
Imani Wilson
Boren Du 

Music/Sound Credits
Nyepi (choir version) -- VOCES8, Olafur Arnalds 

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