A Confluence

A Confluence offers partial glances into bigger pictures. This work does not deny but instead embraces the digital space in which we’ve been able to meet, the intersection at which our whole personal spaces and lives have merged with the others. Scores that arose from our collective experimentation and improvisation distort in service of offering further clarity, and show half-lives to better imply our whole lives.  
(Kati Payne, Class of 2021)


Jungeun Kim
(in collaboration with performers)

Performers / Creators
Johanna Barbosa
Sage Claudio
Katie Rose Davis
Dom Ferraro
Marin Ito
Haley Knieriem
Liz Leski
Shaurice McCaster
Lilly McGonigle
Olivia Oskarsson
Gisella Paez
Kati Payne
Teagan Smith
Emily Sutterfield
Theresse Weigand-Watkinson

Rehearsal Director
Katrina Atkin

Music Credit
Eisenga, City Lines
by Jeroen van Veen

Video recordings
the performers

Video editing / design
Jungeun Kim

Costume design
Martha Chamberlain