Cuerpo Divino

Cuerpo Divino is an exploration of Divine Femme Energy and Unapologetic Truths. WE seek to empower and uplift femme bodies. It is a work of fierce collaboration and heart. Physical and Sensual movement language. WE are creating a magical experience that allows us to Heal and become in-tune with ourselves and the Universe.

Choreographer / Director / Facilitator
Jennifer Rivera

Collaborators / Dancers 
Amanda Boyer
Bailey Barrett
Bella Crescenzi
Brooke Winkelman
Dom Ferraro
Lanae Watson
Leah Nowell
Liv Wymbs
Olivia Best

Music / Sound Credits 
Home With You by FKA Twigs
Majestic by Andrew Tuttle & ANTITHESIS
Fountain #3 by JJJJJerome Ellis
Abrazo Mirando by Suso Saiz
Aphantasia by 36 (The Ambient Zone)
Parallel 6 by Four Tet
Hyperion by Sasac
Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics

Set Design / Light Design 
Jennifer Rivera in Collaboration with Cast

Videos / Images Used Through Projector in Set Design
The Splendor of Color Kaleidoscope Video v1.1 by
Fly through Futuristic Neon Glow Rainbow Tunnel Perspective Lights 4K VJ Loop Background by IncrediVFX Bright Colors Pinpoint Explosion Illustration Wall Mural by PIXERS

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