Power of She

Power of She is a deep dive soul search for women’s self care. It is a film production that is meant to open the hearts and minds of all generations young and old. The dancers walk as a representation of truth, value and overall love. We use language as a powerful trigger that pierces ears that may or may not be ready to hear what needs to be said. We use heel movement as an expression of sex appeal and empowerment, with a mixture of vogue and spontaneous movement that is not commonly categorized as just one style. The dancers use colors that represent the feeling and difference in each woman, what they love, and what they stand for! As an artist who truly loves heartfelt and raw spoken word/poetry, it was only right for me to create a movement to the realest of real, Jill Scott. Thickness is basically a spoken word piece that speaks Real, Raw and Relatable! Using triggering words to let her audience know how flustered she is and how important it is for our children to appreciate themselves and love themselves. There is a message here ! There is meaning behind every word and I believe Thickness was the perfect song to grab the attention of my audience.

Choreographer / Director
Jakirah M. Davis

Music Credit
Thickness - Jill Scott 

Design Credit
Jakirah M. Davis

Jhayla Donaldson
Destiny Felder
Tia Mellerson
Jocinda Johnson

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