You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (1978)


Octavia Butler:
Amnesty (2003)

“It mattered, more than I know how to tell you, that this time my tormentors were my own people. They were human. They spoke my language. They knew all that I knew about pain and humiliation and fear and despair. They knew what they were doing to me, and yet it never occurred to them not to do it.”

Moor Mother:
on NTS Radio (August 2019)

Philadelphia-based multidisciplinary performer + musician, Moor Mother collides a cacophony of sounds, from free jazz to noise to punk + more.

Time Will Tell (Extended Music Video) from the HBO Miniseries
We Are Who We Are

We Are Who We Are follows a group of teens growing up on an American Army base outside of Venice, Italy struggling to find their own identities as they move into young-adulthood.

FLOORPLAN (Robert Hood + Lyric Hood): CRSSD Fest Fall 2017
Floorplan is well known as Robert Hood's house outlet, but in more recent years the alias has evolved into a family affair with co-production from his daughter, Lyric Hood.

Nikita Gale:
LITTLE GIRLS (Triple Canopy, Sept 2020)

“The sound of being together—or of being packed together, forced together.” An essay on Tina Turner and segregation, the power of the Top 40 and the prospect of being heard without being controlled.

30 Years of Philly Ballroom (Inquirer, 2019)

An inside look into the effort to preserve Philadelphia's ballroom scene.

Jenn Nkiru:
Black to Techno (2019)

Embedded in black, working and middle class experience, Black to Techno excavates and explores the unique and total nature of the circumstances that birthed the movement. Jenn Nkiru creates a spiky collage of intersecting narratives and conceptual frameworks that offers more than an origin story of techno, but rather a ‘cosmic archaeology’, in the artist’s words.

Max Roach & Abbey Lincoln:
Tears For Johannesburg & Triptych
An excerpt from We Insist! Freedom Now Suite. 
“A revolution is unfurling—America’s unfinished revolution.”

Paul B. Preciado:
When Statues Fall (Artforum, Dec 2020)

Let the museums remain empty and the pedestals bare. Let nothing be installed upon them. It is necessary to leave room for utopia regardless of whether it ever arrives.

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Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley:
Black Trans Archive

London-based artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley's project, WE ARE HERE BECAUSE OF THOSE THAT ARE NOT, is an interactive digital archive video game, which aims to preserve the stories of Black trans people in a world determined to erase them.

Jennifer Packer:
The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing

The exhibition draws out timely and necessary discussions on care, racial politics, representation, and art history, revealing Packer as one of the most significant artists of her generation. (Serpentine Gallery, London)

Rufus & Chaka Khan:
Ain't Nobody (1983)

I wait for night time to come
To bring you to me
I can't believe I'm the one
I was so lonely
I feel like no one could feel
I must be dreamin'
I want this dream to be real
I need this feelin'
I make my wish upon a star
And hope this night will last forever
oh, oh, oh, oh