this is an almost . . . this is the space in between . . . this is where we linger . . . this is where we suspend . . .this is where we fall and contemplate if we're flying . . . this is to all the almosts that never, could have, should have happened . . . and here we are despite them all . . .

Choreographer / Director / Facilitator
Emily Bernard

Dancers / Participants / Performers
Aaron Michael Foreman
Abigail Mosier
Bella Crescenzi
Leah Nowell

Music / Sound Credits

It's Been a Long Long Time, but they're finally having that dance
Harry James Orchestra and Helen Forrest

Laughing on the Outside but it's playing in an empty diner
Bernadette Carroll

Can't Take My Eyes Off You but it's playing in another room (slowed)
Frankie Valli

I Think We're Alone Now but you're hiding in the bathroom at a school dance

Gymnopédie No. 1 but it's playing in a different room in a mansion
Erik Satie

White Ferrari but you're in a bedroom alone at a party
Frank Ocean

The End of Love (Slowed & Pitched Down)
Florence + The Machine

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