I’m thinking about movement, I'm thinking about how I/we are moving. I'm asking myself, how do we move? We will jump, mosh, cry, celebrate, feel, freestyle, run, laugh, live our dreams, work, cypher, be fly, drip, build, organize, shake, headbang, be soft, be strong, queer, scream, make revolution, be seen, be heard. We will do this all together.

Cast / Collaborators

Canyon Carroll
Grace Malone
Imani Butler
Rachel Orji
Emma Olivier
Robert Burden
Song Aziza Tucker
Kaijo Caggins
Maris Krystosek
Luna Rous
Makaila Chiplin

Music Credits
13th Century Metal - Brittany Howard
Money Trees - Kendrick Lamar
GOD - Kendrick Lamar
Easter Sunday - Zelooperz
Free the Frail - Jpegmafia
Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliot

Content Notice: This work contains explicit language.

Live Showing

Documentary Film

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