Maelstrom of Icarus

Exploring Apocalypse of the Self, the Community, and the World with themes of loss, spectacle, vulnerability, and authenticity. What is the extent of damage an Apocalypse incurs and how do we investigate its cause? Creating such an event born and abstracted out of the experiences of my cast and I.

Choreographer / Director / Facilitator
Destiny Toussaint

Ralph Andre Ravix
Paige Galdieri
Jordy Young

Music / Sound Credits
Quarto de Hotel by Leo Franciozi
Chimes by j^p^n
Agape by Nicholas Britell
Those Days by Nick Hakim feat. Onyx Collective

Design Credits
Destiny Toussaint

Dancers / Participants
Maddie Wansong
Olivia Wymbs
Gisella Paez
Ace Wells
Johanna BarbosaOwen Whetstone

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