What We Leave Behind

What We Leave Behind is a meditation on the act of Acceptance, Acknowledgement and Integration. Reflection on the knowledge of the past and how we can grow from our moments in the darkness. And coming to the realization of what we leave behind.

Da' Von Doane

Rehearsal Assistant
Onyxx Noel

Music / Sound Credits
Blakeney Bullock

Christian Dudley
Elias Alfau
Emily Stevens
Javares Selby
Lily Inghram
Aleeza Garcia
Dom Ferraro
Emily Sutterfield
Nadia Young
Pedro Suarez
Shaurice (Reese) McCaster
Madelyn Wansong
Sarah Bovat
Jasiri Minors
Kati Payne

Process Notes
The body represents undifferentiated matter and its polarization coming from internal and external sources altering its natural wave pattern.
I'm after a movement style that is undifferentiated in form and shape yet polarized by its intention.
The work was divided into three sections:

Section 1: Submersion
It should feel like the subconscious mind , ruminating thoughts, and the feeling of being overwhelmed by the circumstances of life. The abyss submersion into the darkness of the emotions, past trauma and the "Old World".
Section 2: Time lapse. Limbo

This section is a representation of being in between life and death, the good and the bad, joy and pain. Awareness of time. Rewinding and fast-forwarding. A more clear understanding of how time functions in parallel and trans-dimensional realities. Pushing through the barriers.
Section 3: Solos revisited; awakening.

The awakening.
Cosmic Churn.
Generating energy to propel us into a new dimension.
The birth of a new world of our creation.

The dancers were divided into three groups, representing the past present and futures both individually  and collectively. Each dancer was also given a short solo phrase and created a series of affirmations to align with our practice. The affirmations became a part of the score that will accompany the movement throughout the work. Each dancer was also asked to reflect on certain aspects of society they wish to see change or be part of manifesting change within.

As the world we know is challenged to evolve, we must release the weight of the past and forge a new pathway ahead. Hope is an eternal flame connected to the life force that resides within each of us and the recognition of our interconnectedness.

Questions I've asked of myself and the dancers throughout this process:

Does the body emit an energetic frequency?
Do we all vibrate at the same frequency?
Is there an energetic exchange between two bodies of varying signatures?

How do we affect one another through our actions?

What do I bring to the table?
What must I learn?
What must be released?
What are my innate gifts and talents?

In what areas of my life am I weak?

What must I give up to move forward?

Yin Energies - Centrifugal force.  Radiates from the center towards the periphery.
Yang Energies - Centripetal force. Radiates from the periphery towards the center.







Transmutation of the latent frequencies in the subtle body through movement, writing and speech. Conscious Energy Transmutation. A physical meditation practice of attunement, alignment and transformation.
To understand the basic concepts of spiritual systems of ancient African and modern diasporic forms through the arts and sciences; and to combat negative perceptions, narratives and contexts regarding the Black Mind, Body and Spirit in totality. To change the way that we perceive our past in order to shape our future consciously.
What does it mean to perceive oneself truly? In the midst of the chaos of society, causing seismic shifts and fluctuations each day. The rift between what is conscious vs unconscious; To meditate on the day to day fluctuations in vibration, polarity, rhythm and cause and effect; to feel, sense, think, write, speak and act towards alignment and attunement of oneself to their environment and to one’s personal strength and power.

Words, thought, action/reaction, an all continuing conversation with the various parts of our being. Which comes first, the thought or the action? When we write does our inner voice still vibrate? Is there a change in the subtle body when we speak, when we watch traumatizing videos on social media, or in our daily experiences with other energetic bodies?  What happens when we combine words, thoughts and actions/reactions/movement in one practice intentionally?


Each week I will ask you to create an affirmation based on our collective themes of awareness, acceptance and integration of thoughts,feelings, intuitions and energies we desire to remove and bring into our lives. We will break these down by taking bits and pieces of these affirmations to create a text that will be the guiding force for our project. Think of these as personal and collective life affirming statements. I’ll ask that you make observations about your world and things that you have experienced (nothing too personal).

We want to bring focus to...

The Unknown 
Personal and collective growth and transformation
Social change
Passages of time
Planes of existence
Resonance in and around the body
Differentiation and polarization of the mind and body