Chimera Dreamscape

Chimera Dreamscape is a collaborative work, in which participants generate personal material and improvise in real time.The project began as research into the many selves that reside in all of us. We started focusing on the fabulous, and drew inspiration from glam rock, mythology, and the ability to create and recreate ourselves: we sought to nurture our imagination to spill beyond normative bounds. We leaned into zoom and all of the limitations of our home spaces. As no initial plan survives the rehearsal process, and certainly not in an all new virtual space, the project morphed and began to also be about our lives in the zoomasphere.

Directed by
Curt Haworth

Music by
Tim Motzer

Choreography by
the performers in collaboration with Curt Haworth

Emily Bernard
Kara Cannella
Zoey Crenshaw
Trinity England
Destiny Felder
Reilly Fisher
Kayla Grudi
Brianna Gutierrez
Chloe Heldt
Luisa Lynch
Adaline Ohman
Veronica Quintero
Teagan Smith
Kelli Thompson