Collaboration and Choreography

Instructor: Marguerite Hemmings
This course examines collaborative relationships across disciplines. We rooted the semester in practicing relationship, and creating systems of care, empathy, and deep listening inside of creative collaborations, separate from the sole notion of product. We explored the question of dramaturgy as mutual aid, and how it can function within a research process and class setting. Students were one another's dramaturges. We also had shared sessions with the costume class, exploring peer, multidisciplinary practices.

The students:

Victoria Berlack

Jordan Burse

Melanie Castro

Keana Combs

Melanie Dixon

Diarra Harris

Marionia Jones

Cameron King

Alyssa McCallum

Grace Mork

Emma Mulvey-Welsh

Allyia Nelloms

Marcel Santiago

Lindsay Tillman

Destiny Touissant

Brealyn Vazquez

Iesha Wood

Keana Combs

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Alyssa McCallum