Choreography as Research

Instructor: Meredith Glisson
A selection of compositional studies focusing on research questions through the frames
of lingering, translation, stumbling, hapticalities and empathic intervals. 


Elias Alfau

Sarah Bovat

Natalie Brittain

Robert Burden

Alexander Diaz

Ira Lindsay

Kiara Lopez

Alyssa McCallum

Olivia Oskarsson

Erin Rawlings

Kayla Rognoni

Theresse Weigand-Watkinson

Ace Wells

Eli Alfau: 
what is it feeding me?

Sarah Bovat: 
an attempt to float

Alyssa Mccallum: A Sunrise Study

Erin Rawlings: Change. Adapt. Evolve. 

Theresse Weigand-Watkinson: Reaching Radiance