Before Utterance

Instructor: Emily Wexler
This course seeks to discover commonalities between pre-semiotic compositional methods of contemporary dance and poetry with each student creating a body of work which includes both forms.

The students:

Emily Bernard

Coralyn Jones

Ira Lindsay

Luisa Lynch

Rachel Orji

Kati Payne

Mik Phillips

Javares Selby

Isabella Smalkais

Graziella Spina

Lex Vautrin

November Ward

Harlie Yahn

Emily Bernard: engravings to feel

Ira Lindsay: upRooted / Performed by Nailah Morsell

Luisa Lynch: Subsidence

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Rachel Orji’s project
Unanticipated Anomaly

Kati Payne: The Swimmer 

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Mik Phillips * Trigger Warning of Flashing Lights

Javares SelbyVanilla Bean Baby

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[ Feelings of a Black Canvas ]

[ Rainy Days ]

[ F*ck You, You Don’t Own Me ]

[ I Wish a B*tch Would ]

Isabella Smalkais: I Care

Lex Vautrin: peanut butter [curtains]

November Ward: Textbook