Battle Of The Mind

Battle Of The Mind is a film focused on the feeling of confinement. How we let the negative words/actions from others or ourselves restrict us. It’s a battle of the mind, the exploration of self. What’s holding us back? Eventually, releasing the bondage and believing that we are enough.

Choreographer / Director
Azari Ford

Music / Sound Credits
Nonchalant by 6LACK
Hair by Devonte Hynes
Spoken Word by Mel’s Thoughts
I Like That by Janelle Monae
Flawless / Feeling Myself (Homecoming Live) by Beyonce
Afro House session 7.0 (Deep House Mix)
Sweet Afrika by Dotorado Pro
Drenas by PEDRO

Sound Editor
Gillian Peterson

Design / FIlm Credits
RJ Burrell
Louis Sanet

Dancers / Performers
Sophia Adoum
Bailey Barrett
Emily Civitella
Sylvaneta Dent
Latik Devine
Deanna DiFranco
Victoria Dovidio
Taylor Everette
Madeline Honegger
Arielle Hunt
Destiny Nguyen
Macey Nush
Tayah Owens
Mya Sims
Jaila Wilson

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