IYIMIU: Polyrhythmic Embodiment

Choreographer / Director / Designer
Alexis Roberto Curiel

Dancers / Collaborators
Eli Alfau
Robert Burden
Melanie Castro
Cheyenne Frank
Auset Fullard
Eduardo Jimenez
Marionia Jones
Ace RW
Kayla Rognoni
Viola Taylor
Destiny Toussaint
Song Tucker
Maddie Wansong
Liv Wymbs

Guest Appearance
Natalia Duminica

Music / Sound Credits
Agua y Puerta by Lechuga Zafiro (Identity)
Marimba Rija, Rei das Marimbas, Ewe, Afro-Indian by Dotorado Pro (Multiplicity)
Original Sound Score by Alex Sanchez (Epithet)

IYIMIU: Polyrhythmic Embodiment deconstructs identity & explores the idea of multiplicity, acknowledging the complex layers of self shaped by relationships, aspirations, & social constructs such as sexuality & gender. This work upholds that the journey to defining self is actually not about definition, but the indulgence of fluidity; an openness to learn, love & accept others contributes to one's ever changing growth & arrival to wholeness.

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