We worked on weekly experiments, collaborations and creative prompts such as:
  • Create a personal Movement Library
  • Create an environment
  • Object Studies in collaboration with Mike Pietrusko
  • Reinvent yourself: We did 2 iterations, one of them in collaboration with Martha Chamberlain’s costume class.
  • Create an impossible dance
We had thorough discussions and invaluable mutual support. 

Rhapsody Taylor Kameron Whigman

Rebecca Reyes

Silka Salih El Bey & Melanie Castro

Zoey Crenshaw

Rhapsody Taylor & Daniel Palladino

Kayliani Sood

Song Tucker and Ethan Beckwith-Cohen

Instructor: Jimena Paz Students:  Silka Salih El Bey, Melanie Castro, Ethan Beckwith-Cohen, Zoey Crenshaw, Daniel Palladino, Rebecca Reyes, Kayliani Sood, Rhapsody Taylor, Song Tucker, Kameron Whigman